28 Maxwell Rd, #01-05, Singapore 069120 Monday -Saturday: 5.00pm-1.00am
Don’t just chase anything. Just drinks and
Have a Great Time!

Urban Saloon

DiscoverOur Story

Ultimate Bourbon Whiskey experience like no other
Red Dot Traffic Building. The story goes a long way back. More than a decade ago, there was a man who started as a bartender in this building. However, he was young and he was hungry. Hungry for knowledge. So he set out to seek new and exciting experiences both locally and in countries far far away. But life has a funny way of working and he finds himself back in the same building. However, this time he had a plan. A big one.

To be the best establishment around. To provide an experience that everyone would enjoy.

And that plan would be named Urban Saloon.


OurBar & Restaurant

Refreshed and be Intrigued
Urban Saloon is a modern take on the classic western saloon in the heart of bustling Singapore. Our aim was to create a distinctive cocktail bar and restaurant in various styles at one venue.

Whether you are here for a scrumptious meal, exquisite cocktails and just out to have a crazy night, this will be the place to be.


Warmly invite your distinguished guests to enjoy a dining and drinking experience at Urban Saloon.

Whether a corporate gathering, product launch, a welcome or farewell party, our team at Urban Saloon will ensure it will be a stunning affair.

Feel free to contact to us for more information at sales@urbsaloon.com